Eliminate Pro

Eliminate Pro 1.1.1

Free multiplayer FPS for iPhone

If you're a fan of Laserquest and Quasar then Eliminate Pro is just the kind of game for you. View full description


  • Great graphics
  • Three game modes
  • Exciting gameplay


  • Annoying payment system

Very good

If you're a fan of Laserquest and Quasar then Eliminate Pro is just the kind of game for you.

This free first person shooter for iPhone sees you pit your wits against other players from around the World in a game of who-can-hit-each-other-the-most. You are placed in a futuristic room or a network of tunnels and must blast each other with your lasers. You can choose to play online against strangers, against your friends over WiFi, or against the computer.

The graphics and sound in Eliminate Pro are fantastic and it's easy to forget that this is a mobile phone you're playing the game on rather than on a console, which is what it feels like. The control system is OK, but it takes a bit of getting used to, and I found that the target zoom is a little too easy to activate (i.e. I kept zooming when I didn't want to).

Eliminate Pro represents an interesting concept in iPhone gaming. It's completely free to play, but the time you have in each battle is dependent on either being very good or spending real money via iTunes on energy cells, guns and gear in order to keep you going for longer. It's not a scam as such, because it's perfectly possible to get hours of enjoyment out of the game without paying a penny. But if you really want to advance, then you'll need to get your wallet out.

Overall though, Eliminate Pro is an enjoyable multiplayer FPS that is sure to become very popular with iPhone gamers.


  • New option: Turn on/off camera momentum for more precise aiming
  • Faster login times when connecting to Eliminate servers
Eliminate Pro


Eliminate Pro 1.1.1

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